The Cross Maker

The Cross Maker Audio Drama

The Cross Maker - A Dramatic Audio Presentation

In 1st-century Jerusalem, it is a time of unrest and oppression by the might of the Roman Empire. The Cross Maker is the story of a man whose dream was shattered by the strictures of a hated government. It is the story of a life that was forever changed--first by cruelty and hatred, then by the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. This audio dramatization chronicles the journey of the carpenter who crafted the instrument that brought death to one, and life to millions.

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  • The Cross Maker - Michael Johnson

  • The Visitor - Alex Banda

  • Jesus - David Engquist

  • Roman Soldier 1 - Ronald Amaya

  • Roman Soldier 2 - Andrew Ybarra

  • Child Cross Maker - Vance Gardner

  • Child Cross Maker's Mother - Amy Gardner

  • Roman Soldier 3 - Korey Kash

  • Roman Soldier 4 - Kyle Burbank

  • Host - Andrew Jones

  • Additional Voices - Jordyn Allison, Jennifer Caldwell, Katie Caldwell, Steven Hamilton, Adain Mantooth, Anthony Sampson, Ngozi Sampson, Courtney Tarpley, Tayler Wiechens, Eric Williams & Sarah Williams


  • The script was written by JD Sutter; adapted from a monologue by Brandon Hutchison

  • Script Consultants - John Fornof and Andrew Jones

  • Recording Engineer - Roy Allison

  • Music - Sam Avendaño in partnership with Avendaño Music Productions

  • Voice Track Editor - JD Sutter

  • Sound Design & Mixing - Roy Allison

  • Producer/Director - JD Sutter

  • Recorded at Barefoot Studio in El Mirage, AZ and Porchlight Family Media studio in Glendale, AZ

  • Album Artwork - Fresh Media Graphics

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Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission.

℗ 2017 by Porchlight Family Media


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Tracks included on the CD:

1. The Cross Maker Audio Drama

2. Outtake Reel

3. Interview with Production Team

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