What is Porchlight Family Media?

Porchlight Family Media is a production studio based in Phoenix, Arizona. We create quality content for the whole family through our own productions in the form of podcasts, audio dramas, and other spoken word content. We also work with clients to effectively use the audio medium for their business or ministry.

Our Purpose/Goal:

The purpose of Porchlight Family Media is to offer great content that the whole family can enjoy. That means that the kids can listen to/read the content we produce without the parents having to worry about objectionable material. There is so much content online that is inappropriate and we are striving to offer quality content that will, in some way, tip the scales in the other direction.

While all of our staff are Christians, and some of our content is quite obviously Christian-themed, that doesn't mean all of our material will be overtly religious in nature. We have several projects in the works on various topics that while adhering to our focus of family friendliness, may not have a strong religious theme.

It is our goal to be a safe place on the web for families to consume content that will be an encouragement and enrichment to their lives. If you’d like to support what we are doing in some way, please contact us to find out how you can get involved.

Our Team:

JD Sutter - Founder/Executive Director

Andrew Jones - Show Host

Roy Allison - Show Host

Nicole Rodrigues - Show Host

Sam Avendaño - Composer

Victoria Lynn - Contributor

Stephanie Garrett - Contributor

Hannah Gridley - Contributor

Sarah Grace Grzy - Contributor

Robert Thacker - Contributor

Austin Peachey - Contributor

Michael Schroeder - Contributor

Christopher Green - Sound Designer/Editor/Contributor

Joah Pearson - Contributor