Black Crow Winter

Kevin Duncan, composer for our poetry program Verses In Vox, has released a collection of all original music. This is a great playlist of piano-based instrumental pieces that you're sure to enjoy.

Track Listing:

  1. Cascading Flow

  2. Echo Harmony

  3. Something Precious

  4. Rest in Silence

  5. Chance Happening

  6. Inquiries and Solutions

  7. Raindrops

  8. Heartfelt Memories

  9. Initial Bond

  10. Whispers in the Wind

  11. Excursion Commencement

  12. Forlorn and Withdrawn

  13. Nostalgic Reflections

  14. What Is Said in Sincerity

  15. Liquid State

  16. Reach Out!

The album is available on all major digital outlets and in CD format on CD Baby.